The project

We were looking for an idea which would present an all year round occupation for the patients. Good quality baked goods were rare and hard to get in Beijing at the end of the year 2004. It was Yvonne’s and Natascha`s idea and conviction that a bakery would be a meaningful occupation as well as a profitable business for the patients, with us supporting them with the marketing.

Yvonne und Natascha

A private donations appeal with friends in China and Europe made it possible to transform several rooms in the hospital to a small bakery.

In addition we purchased two industrial size ovens, one fermentation oven, a mixing machine, a scale, air conditioning and stoves, and furnished the room with working tables and chairs. We also purchased bowls, spoons, kitchen towels, storage Tupperware, baskets for selling the goods, wrapping material, and more.

While working in the bakery all patients are wearing a work uniform, i.e. white hats and jackets.

Recipes were tried out and some patients trained as “bakers”. The hospital cook helps the patients with the preparation of the dough, the baking and the use of the oven.

What has been achieved so far?

In agreement with the patients and with the consent of the hospital administration crazy bake uses all the profits to improve the living circumstances for the patients in the hospital. The safe keeping and administration of the money is being handled by partners of the project not working at the hospital.

With this modus operandi the following acquisitions have been made so far:
(Please see also the pictures of some aquisitions below.)

Celebration of the 8 year old existence 
Trip to the Silver Pagoda 
Trip to Pinggu for apple harvest