The products

San is the kitchen chef which crazy bake recruited to oversee the baking. He manages the daily baking and also delivers breads. Without him (and our bakers) our project could not function.

Currently crazy bake bakes five to six days a week. The production capacity is limited as most bakers can work a maximum of 3 to 4 hours per day and on many days we are at capacity. Recently we had to purchase two additional ovens to the three we already had as well as a larger bread dough mixer in order to accommodate the increase in sales.

Delivery points in Beijing

When  Where 
Monday  Canadian embassy, Embassy House, and Grand Summit residential complex
Tuesday  The German Embassy School and House of Knowledge kindergarten
Wednesday  The Beijing Institute of Technology, Western Academy International School and Beijing City International School
Thursday  Dulwich international school, Eduwings kindergarten and Rose and Ginko, a residential complex
Friday  Beijing Rivera and Quanfa Garden, both residential complexes and House of Knowledge kindergarten

In addition to these regular commitments crazy bake also bakes for special occasions such as bazaars, seasonal celebrations, and private or corporate functions.

Crazy bake produces six different kinds of breads with white and whole wheat flour but can also provide pretzels, bagels and a variety of small cakes and cookies.

Our target group is centered on the international community in Beijing and we try to find distribution points that involve as little of logistical planning as possible so schools and residential complexes are ideal delivery points.

Crazy holiday

Since December 2007 we have extended the projects to include patients who enjoy doing handicrafts and needlework. We produce embroidered tea towels, napkins and Christmas cards. We recycle our flour bags and repurpose them into sturdy shopping bags. Beads are made into key chains and bookmarks. Together with dedicated volunteers we create Christmas wreath and other small holiday decorations. Crazy holiday sells these products successfully at several holiday bazars in Beijing.