Crazy Bake

"You are giving the mentally ill an opportunity to improve their lives through work."

Crazy bake is a social enterprise project providing people with mental health issues meaningful occupation. The residential facility is located on the eastern outskirts of Beijing. Crazy bake's goal is to find tasks and occupations and tailor them according to each patients capability and motivation.
The project, initiated by Yvonne Gerig and Natascha Prigge, has been evolving over the past 10 years and is now recognized as a NGO and a model in mental health recovery by the Chinese government.
The projects main focus is to empower the patients to generate funds and to self govern how these are used to improve their living condition. While in the past these have centered on purchasing air conditioners, washing machines and other electronic and non-electronic devices this has shifted to a desire for outings and experiences.

The team of crazy bakers

While we were hoping to bring about change the results after these years has gone far beyond what we have ever hoped for and we are immensely proud of what the patients have overcome and accomplished on an individual as well as on a collective level.